Why, why, why not?


1 - Au fil du monde
1 - Viaggio d'artista dedicato a Giorgio Morandi
3 - I forni solari di Tambaba

Why, why, why not? BelBoBru project

Year of production: 2009

Running Time: 26:48 min

Color / Sound/Subtitles

Experimental documentary on the human energy, creativity and joy shared by the artists involved in citizens' parades in three European cities; Belfast, Bologna and Brussels, as part of the BelBoBru project.

Watch, touch and smell the traces of the passage each country has left on the others. We, film makers, breathed the oxygen at the heart of each parade and workshop over two years. The feelings and emotions first lived through the body, were captured by the lens of the camera, which was used in the spirit of the zen philosophy.

Belgique, Ireland, Italy.