Compagnia dello Zukkero

The artistic group COMPAGNIA DELLO ZUKKERO is made by Alessandra Ermilli, Enzo Guion.

"Zukkero" means "sugar" en italian language. The intake of sugar provokes a state of alteration and dependence. They bid sugary state to those who feed on art.

The different practices are based on the experimentation of materials as well as of places. Food and nature are often source of feelings, images, emotions. They mix plastic arts, painting, photography, video, cooking, with relation art creating installations and interactive art performances. The spectator is invited to participate, in collective performance and installation-work in progress, with simple actions, ritual or playful. Every creation is ephemeral and in metamorphosis. They believe that the artwork must be creates together. For this reason they collaborate with other artists. Their video art and their experimental documentaries are based on the story asequenziale and on the visual effects. The trip and the change of place are within their research for which they operate both in Italy and abroad.